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Introduction to Nocturia

Nocturia is a bothersome and highly prevalent condition defined by the International Continence Society as the need to wake one or more times nightly to void with each void preceded and followed by sleep. [1] ......Read more

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Interviews from EAU 2015, Madrid, Spain

EAU 2015 – Prof. Antonella Giannantoni on epidemiology, diagnosis and comorbidities of nocturia in “oldest-old” patients (part 2)

Treatment of overactive bladder and nocturia in very old patients is very important, but difficult. One has to differentiate between...

EAU 2015 – Prof. Antonella Giannantoni on epidemiology, diagnosis and comorbidities of nocturia in “oldest-old” patients (part 1)

“Oldest-old” patients, i.e. patients over 80 years, represent the fastest growing group of patients, especially in industrialised societies, but epidemiological...

EAU 2015 Video – Overview of nocturia in frail and elderly patients by Prof. Karel Everaert

In many frail and elderly patients, nocturia is not caused by a single etiology, but by different conditions – this...

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